Meet Regina, founder of Clear Carats Co. and your personal jeweler.

Regina's whole life naturally revolved around the jewelry industry. From sneaking into jewelry conventions in NYC as a kid to managing her parent's jewelry store at only 12 years old, she couldn't escape this industry if she tried. She grew up learning and soaked in all of the “traditional” ways jewelry was designed, created, and sold but always felt like something was missing. 

In 2014, Regina started Petra V & Co. (now Clear Carats Co.) to bridge the gap in between how her generation was shopping for jewelry and to provide the best at any budget. No middle men. No mass produced inventory. Only bespoke jewelry made at the highest standards. Her modern concierge approach to the jewelry business quickly became popular and flourished. Since then she has built a trustworthy team of artisans and wholesalers from Los Angeles to New York to create and source the very best for her clients. 

12.12.20 marked the “official” launch date of our new website and being solely 100% online.

What does this mean? This means we have fully transitioned from being a traditional retail store to only an e-commerce store without sacrificing any quality in services. Doing this will also open up our network, cut out high overhead costs, and passing on more savings to you. 

2023 Petra V & Co. is now Clear Carats Co. but our mission has remained the same.  Giving you the biggest and brightest at any budget. 


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